Boston Jingle Bell Dog Walk

Jingle Bell Dog walk, Boston MA
Where are the dogs going? you people who pay so little attention ask. They are going about their business. And they are very punctilious, without wallets, notes, and without briefcases. -Baudelaire

Sometimes things happen. Sunday morning of our visit to Boston was cold and overcast, and our host wasn’t feeling great, so we grabbed some food and caffeine on the go and walked like tourists through the Public Garden and the Commonwealth Ave area. On the way back through the Garden, Laura noticed a line of people walking their dogs, probably not spontaneously. We hurried over the bridge and sure enough, a thing was happening. It was the 6th Annual Jingle Bell walk, a joint event of the Greyhound Adventures and Trail Bound Hounds dog groups to benefit The Ohio State University Greyhound Health and Wellness Program. More about the Jingle Bell Walk at the Greyhound Adventures page.

Jingle Bell Dog walk, Boston MA

It was great, I love greyhounds and especially rescue animals, and nobody minded me paparazziing then and asking questions. The real surprise was when one group was getting near Charles Street, which separates the Garden from the Common, and a Cocker Spaniel broke loose. I heard the owner shouting and stopped shooting, which I guess is one reason I’m not a photojournalist. By the time I really figured out what was going on, someone had wrangled the wayward pup and… wait, was that Laura? Yes, she had practically tackled the dog before it got to the street, and I heard the owner call her a savior. She told me the owner said “you were like a football player” which is funny because she is one.

So, a few dog photos in the Boston slideshow. Coming up: a few more odds and ends from the weekend.

Jingle Bell Dog walk, Boston MA Jingle Bell Dog walk, Boston MA

6 thoughts on “Boston Jingle Bell Dog Walk

  1. B

    There are only a few acceptable topics according to Seb. Like balloons, waterfalls, unicycles, people dressed as zombies, art installations, half naked people on bikes, etc.

  2. -S

    Wait, doesn’t B blog about Laura, by definition?
    The dogs are not moving in the photos :) I want some action (that’s what she said).
    Am I saying that the sum of 3 posts would make one great 1? Or is it not constructive criticism? Software hormones!
    Anyway, I like that dog-food-blog direction. Wait, that’s food-dog-blog, you don’t want to confuse the two! Unless you make a come back with dogs in tutus riding abandoned skateboards though, I’m going to have to put you on a cyber timeout. Yes, I just used “cyber” like it’s 1984.

  3. B

    Aw, I was just worried about all of those people who don’t like full posts in their RSS feeds. Thought I’d break the two distinct subjects out of the general post.

    I have an abandoned foie gras eating surfing alpaca post in the works, don’t you worry.

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