Wedding in San Juan Capistrano


Finally did a solid go-over of the photos from my sister’s wedding. Only two months (to the day!) later, but what the hell. That up there is them actually getting married which kind of blows my mind.


They gambled, having an outdoor wedding. What didn’t happen: rain, earthquake, brush fires, sinkhole. What did happen: badly timed helicopters, giant junebugs flying into people’s faces. Pretty good, really. The weather was absolutely perfect, a bit hot during the day but cooling down later on. This was great, because the weather continued on to suckage for the week or so we stayed after that. You may have read me complaining, constantly, about that already so I won’t go into more detail. Point is, it was as gorgeous as a wedding can be, no matter how much money you spend. You can’t buy sun.


Man, it was fun to have a camera that day. The official photographers had the situation on lockdown, knew exactly what they were doing and absolutely earned their pay for more than a full day’s worth of work, never flinching, always smiling. I could never do it. But I had a blast grabbing what I could here and there, and when else am I going to have a chance to shoot my sister’s special day? Hopefully never, that’s when. Before I knew the wedding was going to be outdoors, I grabbed the Canon 100mm f/2 thinking it would be handy for dark chapel interiors when I don’t have much choice of where I’m standing. So, that obviously didn’t happen, but how much do I love this lens? It really gave me the freedom to use whatever aperture range I wanted, or keep the ISO low if that’s what I was looking for. In short, total creative freedom. 100mm on the full frame sensor was the perfect length to grab a few shots without getting in the way of the hired guns, even while they were setting up posed scenes.


Yeah okay so sometimes a topiary gets in the way. Damn photobombing shrubbery.

Of course, I zipped all of these over to my sister and new brother in law before I uploaded them myself, and you can read their take. They also tell me how awesome I am there which never hurts. Hint hint, folks. I worked a lot harder on these than I do on the average photo I put online; I have a fairly streamlined workflow for web images but a much more thorough process for prints, and I used the latter here. What I’m saying is you should really check the slideshow because I think these are good.

Thanks for checking this out, and hey! Congratulations to the bridge and groom, right? They’re planning their honeymoon in Hawaii, so if you have any suggestions add a comment and I’ll let them know.

Wedding Wedding Wedding

3 thoughts on “Wedding in San Juan Capistrano

  1. L

    Thanks for taking pictures! I always love looking at your shots.

    Yeah getting married is bizarre! I’m still not sure I understand it, except that we get tax breaks and we don’t have to testify against one another in the event we have to go to court.
    We’re putting the honeymoon off for now, too expensive during the holidays. But hey, everyday with Shelby is a honeymoon…

  2. L

    Oh and I forgot about the helicopter, those paparazzi are just too much sometimes. I remember saying “I do” twice, I guess the officiant was boring me :)

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