You Know, it’s Winter?

Sledding at Capital Hills, Albany NY

So it’s winter and we finally have some real snow, for more than one day. Being about as Hudson Valley-y as it gets, we don’t get as much snow as in the higher elevations — not to mention the lake effect snow of central/western New York. Yes, as much as it’s a surprise that there’s more to New York than New York City, you may be even more surprised to know that there’s indeed more than “upstate” too.

During an extremely busy weekend, so busy I didn’t even take photos of the hockey watching, soup making, poker playing, or the rest, we sneaked in some sledding at Capitol Hills municipal golf course, just off New Scotland Ave. Which I did take photos of. Normal golfing (is there such a thing?) closes for the winter at Capital Hills for obvious reasons, and the entire course is opened as a big park for anyone who knows about it. Which includes you, now.

Some friends brought the inflatable tubes which is really the way to go, if you want to go fast and don’t want the packed snow and ice to tear you to shreds. I still managed to nail a bump, lose the tube, and use my spine as a shock absorber, a move I’m paying for dearly. If I can find a way to hurt myself, I will. But I was not the the only one to wipe out.

Sledding at Capital Hills, Albany NY Sledding at Capital Hills, Albany NY

No dogs were harmed in the making of this fun.

In older news, while we were still visiting central New York and waiting for some of that lake effect snow that never came after Christmas, there were a few other adventures. We went snowshoeing, it was cold, I helped split some wood, and I thought it would be a great idea to sit under a birdfeeder for a half hour to take photos. Hope your winter is going well too.

Winter 2010 Snowshoeing
Winter 2010 Black Capped Chickadee

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