Art for ALS

Art for ALS 2011

edit: I’m happy to report that the ASAP Daisies raised $2700!

Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, often called Lou Gehrig’s disease, is a paralyzing degenerative disease with no known cure. In fact, the actual cause is itself unknown and treatment is as much psychological and emotional as it is physical for both patients and their loved ones. The St. Peter’s ALS Regional Center has been providing care and services since 1988, and on Saturday, May 4, the ASAP Daisies hosted the Art for ALS silent auction to raise funds for the continuation of that mission.

Art for ALS 2011

I was asked to take a few photos of the event and gladly obliged. The Daisies did an excellent job here and a great selection of art and services were donated. The presentation was clean, the food was great, and Palatypus played a live acoustic set throughout the night. I have to hand it to those guys, they worked hard with only a few breaks, and the music was a great addition. They also pull a lot of great faces while singing, for their sake I deleted the more embarrasing ones.

Art for ALS 2011

Not much else to say except that it was a great time with great people for a great cause. You can get more information about ALS or St. Peter’s work at the ALS Regional Center website, including ways you can help. There’s more about the Daisies in the link above or you can “Like” them on Facebook to keep up to date. Special thanks to all of the artists, individuals, and area businesses who contibuted to this event — and extra special thanks to everyone who put up with me shoving a camera in their face all night long. You’re all great sports. More photos in the slideshow.

Art for ALS 2011 Art for ALS 2011
Art for ALS 2011 Art for ALS 2011

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