Albany In.Print

Albany No.1

Albany In.Print is a project I started nearly two years ago. Originally, I used it as an excuse to get out, walking the city, and making more photos, my own version of one of those horrible 10 things to shoot in your own backyard or Walk 50 yards with a 50mm lens and take 50 pictures “challenges” you see on hobbyist websites, or the even more horrible 365 project. After a few frames I liked the idea of the city expressing itself in literally its own words.

The project moved on in fits and starts, and now when I do have time to flâneur I’ve either got other subjects on my mind or I just don’t bring a camera. I have extremely no need to find excuses to shoot. When I remember and notice an opportunity I still take it but that’s rare.

Albany No.12

I’m not really sure where it’s headed or if it’s even worthwhile. I thought a series could work as an exhibit or a small book, but when I look at the photos now the typology doesn’t add the layer of meaning I’d hoped for. The approach I’ve been taking lacks necessary context.

Albany No.14

For now it’s slipped back into being a game, purely self-indulgent, and occasional excuse to use the latest $20 eBay lens. I’ve been struggling to escape self-indulgent photography but it’s comforting now and then. If I can change focus slightly maybe this can still work, but I don’t know if there’s any point. For now it languishes on flickr, at the time of this writing a set of 15.

Albany No.10

Albany No.6

Albany No.7

Albany No.13


4 thoughts on “Albany In.Print

  1. -S

    Sweet. I think you should post many more photos in the post, from the set of 15 (who follows that tiny link).

  2. B

    If I had more time for self-indulgence, it would be great! Reviewing this a couple of times has pushed me to try to work this project out though. Something good from a self-indulgent blog post.

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