Albany Post-Irene

Water Street, Albany NY

Thankfully we didn’t have much direct damage in Albany from Hurricane Irene (Tropical Storm Irene by the time it got to us), unfortunately many other areas in upstate New York and greater New England weren’t so lucky and are still cleaning up. Because I’m dumb I did not bring a camera to work yesterday, but I did later take a walk down to the Hudson River where we’ve had serious levels of flooding. Up top is Water Street, and you thought they named it that because it was near the water.

Under I-787, Albany NY
Beneath I-787

Lexington Avenue Bridge, Albany NY
Lexington Avenue Bridge

Corning Preserve, Albany NY
Corning Preserve

Albany Central Warehouse, Albany NY
Albany Central Warehouse

The river crested around 4:00pm yesterday so the water was already receding by the time I got there. The geese were pretty pleased with themselves for finally conquering the Corning Preserve. It will crest again at 6:49pm today, but I don’t know if it will be quite as bad. Wishing the best for all who have been affected.

Lots of other views on flickr:
a409will has some photos from Troy
BrainNY08 with a before/after and some great images from the Mohawk River
dbphoto has photos from Cohoes, including an impromptu trailer-dam
– ruperthemoose took two gorgeous night shots in Troy.
– chocolatepoint shows just how bad it is in Scotia, including an interior shot.
carljohnson has the view across the river from Albany.
fixlr gives us more of downtown Albany.
– All Over Albany has great collections of photos: Schenectady, Troy.

Stay dry and stay safe.


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