Sundays Downtown Update

I’ve added a few more photos to my “Sundays Downtown” project.

Broadway, Albany NY

Van Tromp Street, Albany Y

Eagle Street, Albany NY

About Sundays Downtown:

Albany is the capitol of New York State, but compared to “the city that never sleeps” it’s a bit narcoleptic. Government workers fill Pearl Street, the heart of Albany’s downtown just a couple blocks east of the capitol building, on weekdays, but largely flee to the suburbs otherwise. Students fill the bars on Friday and Saturday night, and occasional events draw crowds other evenings, but otherwise the area feels deserted. Sundays epitomize this; even Dunkin’ Donuts and Starbucks are closed, and most pedestrians are waiting between bus transfers to and from elsewhere.

Sundays Downtown is an ongoing series of the vacant landscape of downtown Albany on Sundays.

Though apparently Starbucks has been open on this and that Sunday, I’ll have to edit. It’s all still a work in progress. You can see what there is so far in a slideshow

Another somewhat related project, “Quiet Capitol”, is going well. I had planned to show the first set of five photos in the series at the Sunspot Cafe but if you go back a bit here you’ll see why that didn’t happen. I’m still shooting and organizing these into five photo sets, and some lucky souls got artist proofs at the Historic Albany Society’s Built event. More on that later.


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