Lark Fest and Pearlpalooza 2012

Hey! It’s been kind of quiet here lately, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Hopefully you got to check out some of the stuff that’s been keeping me busy, namely Lark Fest and Pearlpalooza, two of the outdoor music festivals here in Albany. Lark Fest is in fact billed as the largest street festival in New York. Is that possible? That depends on what your definition of “is” is. I miss the ’90s.

Lark Fest 2012, Albany NY

Lark Fest’s music lienup this year was, at least on paper, not that exciting. Guess what, this guy up here was excited, so I could be wrong.

Lark Fest 2012, Albany NY

Yeah if there was any Dubstep it would have been at the silent disco, but hey, reprazent. See those clouds? I hated those clouds all day.

Lark Fest 2012, Albany NY

All Over Albany posted about this tattoo hearse.

Lark Fest 2012, Albany NY

There were breakdancers with casually jaunty shadows.

Lark Fest 2012, Albany NY

Balloons! Spongebob and Elmo balloons! It wouldn’t be an Albany festival without them.

There’s mere in a short slideshow.

Pearlpalooza was full of WEQX heavy-rotationers including Matt & Kim, local band done good Phantogram, and Robert DeLong who puts on an impressive one-man show even though I’m not positive everything he does on stage has anything to do with music? Still he’s an impressive drummer. Those were just on the main stage though! The local stage had good stuff too including Mirk who also has an excellent drummer. And a saxophone. If only they could fit a giant bottle of Jägermeister into their set.

Pearlpalooza 2012, Albany NY

Speak of the devil, there’s Mirk, and and giant bottle of Jägermeister!

Pearlpalooza 2012, Albany NY

I didn’t find the “Future UFC Stars” tent but apparently someone did.

Pearlpalooza 2012, Albany NY

There was a lack of seating.

Pearlpalooza 2012, Albany NY

Except for the best seat in the house! Let’s hope the United States Postal Service sticks around for at least another year.

Pearlpalooza 2012, Albany NY

Guess what, it rained. A lot. Sort of during the show. I’ll give a shout out here to the Victory Cafe who had the best awning around. Seemed like folks stuck around to enjoy the music even in a torrential downpour. Good for them.

As usual there’s a slideshow here too. Okay, I know, this is not exactly what you expect of concert photography. Well guess what, my buddy James has you covered. I think he did a better job than the press photographers. You tell me.


One thought on “Lark Fest and Pearlpalooza 2012

  1. apertureamy

    Heh. I went down there especially for MIRK and their drummer who happens to live in my building. Always support one’s neighbor! Went home pre-rainstorm, because well, it’s safer for spinster cat ladies like me to get home before the drunken revelry gets TOO crazy.
    Thanks for these; I love that mailbox shot. Such hipsterish ennui…and yet, he seems to be paying attention in spite of himself.

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